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Give me prompts for drabbles and fics! I really want to write and I have my own ideas but let’s see what you guys can give me. {Let’s keep it focused on 200 and the information we’ve obtained from it}

Olivia Benson and Emily Prentiss are two kick ass women who need to be moms (though I’m pretty sure Benson is at one point for a little bit at least)


A William LaMontagne roleplayer for a plotline.

Plotline: Will is part of a Mafia run by Lola Annelise. Their actions catch the attention of the BAU and one encounter changes lives forever. When Will first meets Agent Jennifer Jareau they’re on opposite sides, she’s for good and he’s for bad. It seems pretty black and white, only it’s not. Over time the pair falls in love shocking both of them and they must keep it a secret. As time elapses things happen. JJ’s covering their tracks and leading her team away from them when she can. There’s also one more thing but if you want to know what it is we need a Will to make it happen. 

emilyprentiss13: A click and a bang :) 

The room is deadly silent. For hours it remains this way until people file in. How did they get here? How were they notified? She doesn’t know nor does she care. They’re the least of her worries. Their presence doesn’t even phase her. Everything is moving in slow motion. She can see several pairs of feet walking about the room. There are sirens going off outside the window but they sound miles away. The voices in the room are muffled and hard to distinguish. The only thing that’s perfectly clear is the blood seeping through her hands. It’s so red and so warm. Who knew blood could be that rich? The blood is so vibrant and so bright in comparison to the dullness surrounding her. Everything else is in the shadows, the blood is the focus. Her hands start shaking and the blood droplets trickle down faster. 

“JJ, what happened?” A voice calls to her. There’s a hand on her shoulder, a sturdy hand. A concerned face looks down at her. She doesn’t move. Derek sighs. 


Arriving home, JJ’s exhausted. Work’s been killer lately and she’s working herself into the ground. She can barely keep up with everything so she’s thankful when her mom offers to watch the kids for a while. Not only can JJ relax now, she can spend some much needed time with her girlfriend, Emily. They’ve been together for a while now, so long that JJ’s starting to lose track. The team knows about them as does JJ’s family and no one’s given them grief about it. It hasn’t been a perfect relationship, they still have times when they fight but they’ve never broke up. They always fix whatever’s wrong. Lately with work pulling them apart they haven’t really had a chance to be together and they’re fighting more than usual. Tonight is just the kind of night they need. 

Sliding the key into the door JJ goes to open the door but it doesn’t budge. She tries it again without a change. Confused, JJ leans into the door trying to force it open but it still won’t budge. She tries one more time, heaving the door open slightly. “Emily!” JJ calls through the crack. “Emily move whatever’s in front of the door and let me in,” JJ sighs. Tonight is not the night for Emily to act like a child, JJ’s in no mood. “Emily,” JJ tries again pressing against the door. It opens more but not quite enough. Giving it another shove, JJ slides her slim frame inside as she hears glass break. Looking around she notices there’s a table in front of the door and at the other end of the table there’s a broken vase. No doubt it broke from her pushing on the door. Confused about why the table was there in the first place, JJ bends to gather the broken vase. Standing up she hears a shot and feels a whoosh go over her shoulder and past her ear. The bullet hits the wall and JJ whips her head to follow it. Slowly she looks to the source knowing full well that, that missed shot happened on purpose. It’s a warning for her. 

“Emily?” JJ asks tilting her head. She’s trying to remain calm and ignore the fact her girlfriend just fired at her. 

Emily’s sitting in a chair facing the door. Her glock is raised, aimed precisely at JJ now instead of the spot behind her. She says nothing, her brown eyes now cold and trained on JJ. Her attempt to keep JJ out didn’t work as planned. 

“Em, talk to me. What’s going on?” JJ tries again stepping further into the house. Mistake number two. 


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Possible Teen Fcs


Blake Lively


Claire Holt


Dianna Agron


Candice Accola


Open to more suggestions. 


Brooke Hyland


Crystal Reed


Selena Gomez


Lucy Hale


Isabelle Fuhrman


Kendall Jenner


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She looks so jealous.