The song “Little do you know” gives me such Jotch feels


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More Fic/Drabble Ideas

Every time I have oatmeal and orange juice I think of Hotch and Jack

Hotch thought she was with the DOD so when he calls JJ to help with Emily and she’s really not there wouldn’t he know then something was up? I mean yeah she flies right back and helps and has a badge and it seems legit but…

And of course no one noticed a change in her then because they were worried about Emily

And c’mon wouldn’t Hotch know more? ‘Cause they faked Emily’s death together. Or did he just think it was her State connections now? 

Is it bad I want Hotch to have to “make a deal” in order to save JJ/ensure her safety??

I’m watching a Jotch video and Hotch tells JJ (in 6x02 “JJ”) that “It’s a major promotion and you’re going to be better off than of us” 





Anonymous: WHAT IF...... you woke up one morning, lying in bed with Hotch? 

Before JJ opens her eyes, her senses tell her she’s not alone. Her nostrils fill with the distinct and wonderful scent of a man. A man who uses great smelling cologne at that. As if she really needed her sense of smell when her sense of touch is on overdrive. Her head’s resting on his chest, his bare chest. He’s strong, sturdy. His toned arm is snaked around her slim waist holding her close to him. His deep breathing blows hot breath on her forehead. Their legs are intricately and intimately intertwined and yes it’s skin lying against skin. They are both completely naked. Not that JJ’s complaining. Maybe it’s wrong for her to feel so comfortable in this man’s arms without knowing who it is or remembering how she ended up with him. Her subconscious already knows he’s not someone to fear though, she can trust him. 

Slowly opening her eyes, JJ blinks a few times trying to clear her vision. Finding it to be a futile attempt, she closes them again and beings rubbing her thumb across his chest. If only they could lie here all day, wrapped in each others arms. That sounds more pleasing than getting up and facing the day and or work. JJ tries to force back to sleep and really in this man’s arms it should be easy, really easy. He’s warm, strong and yet soft. She’s comfortable with him and honestly she could lie with him all day. Her mind has other plans though and it won’t shut off now that she’s awake. With a nearly silent sigh, JJ turns her head and kisses his chest. Slowly she turns and shifts her body as she kisses, with her eyes closed, her way up from his chest to his neck to his jawline.  She’s nearing his lips when she pulls back slightly and flutters her eyes open. The face in front of her is the last one she ever expected to see and it’s a miracle she doesn’t scream right then and there. Instead she’s frozen in her spot hovering above him which isn’t much better than screaming because if he wakes up this looks so bad on her. Slowly, but purposefully, she untangles herself from him and flops onto her back on the other side of the bed. She’s afraid to move, afraid to breathe. This cannot be happening. 

Pulling the covers over her face, JJ stifles a groan. The stranger next to her isn’t a stranger to her by any means. In fact she’s seen him nearly everyday at work for the past eight or so years. It’s none other than her boss, Aaron Hotchner. 

Before her panic can set it and take over, the questions come flooding. The first one being, how in the hell did they end up….sleeping together? They would never….and yet the current situation proved otherwise. Hell, she had been curled against him, legs intertwined, naked with him. Trying to deny they had sex together would be some of the biggest bullshit ever-it was more than obvious that they had. Next question, why did they sleep together? What did they do last night? Stifling another groan, JJ runs her hands over her face and shakes her head. She’s careful not to open her eyes and look next to her. Slowly, her memory returns to her and she almost wishes it hadn’t. 

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what I’d LOVE to see in the CM RP fandom


now, I know what I’m about to list, we actually do have some. the only reason I’m listing them again is because I’d love to see them active for longer than two weeks. I’m not saying this for ship purposes or anything else - angst, to be honest, and some good old bonding. it’s awesome. 

  • Aaron Hotchner

  • Declan Doyle

  • Ian Doyle

( ^ again, not for ships, that was just the first gif I found in my folder)

also, these would be cool, though I don’t see happening more realistically:

  • David Rossi

  • unsubs*
*if one is willing to create an unsub, please do message me c: I have so many plot ideas in mind.

I agree with all of these. Though I myself was thinking of making a Declan :)


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