Sexy Naughty Bitchy JJ

Normally JJ dressed extremely professionally. Her skirts were never more than three inches above her knee and any cleavage that was revealed was extremely modest. Unless someone was deliberately looking up her skirt or down her blouse, they weren’t going to be seeing much. 

Today, however, was much different. The top two or three buttons of her blouse were undone revealing more of her skin. Her skirt was significantly shorter than normal and revealed her long, slim, smooth legs. She sat perched on the side of a desk in the bullpen just waiting for someone to come by. Daring someone to make a move. 

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    Smirking at his reaction, JJ kept kissing his neck. Occasionally she snaked her tongue out just to change it up a bit...
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    Derek’s breath hitched feeling JJ’s lips on his neck. “O-Oh my God…” He slowly breathed normally, relaxing into the...