Send “WOW” for your character walking in on mine handcuffed to bed with a note that says have fun



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Dump the alcohol in the frappuccino and have the best of both worlds

Problem is there’s no alcohol :( 

Went to the convenience store on campus to use my remaining food swipes. As I’m walking there with one of my roomies the tornado sirens go off. We end up in the basement of the dorm that houses the connivence store for a little bit until we finally decide to go up and go to it.

After getting and waiting in line with my stuff, they announce food swipes aren’t working and the system is down but they’ll give us at least one food swipe. The girls behind me have been rude and impatient majority of the time and continue to act so. After I use my one meal swipe and thanking the workers I go back to my roomie to wait with her. When I look at the front of the line again, the system is up and working and those awful girls get to use all of their meal swipes. Then one who got out of line cuts back in as my roomie and I near the front. If I wouldn’t have to wait so long, I would’ve got my stuff again and waited but I didn’t want to do that to my roomie. 

So when we got back, after getting drizzled on, my other roomie wanted to go so I offered to go with her b/c then I could get my swipes. The rain is harder now so we get wet (not awful but still). When we get back to the connivence store though the line is out of the store. We ultimately decide to head back and end up getting wet again.

As we enter the building the alarm system goes off saying the tornado warning has been issued (b/c before it was just a severe weather thing) but they didn’t tell us to go downstairs so we went back up and here I am.

I’m probably going to catch up on dash then watching Finding Carter.  

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Aj Cook :)

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Watching Finding Carter b/c my roommates have corrupted me



AJ Cook - Least Among Saints

Textures from:
- Armyofdolls
- lady-alucard
- septdesnovembre

Quotes from Criminal Minds, by Jennifer “JJ” Jareau (‘cause I had to xP)

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30 days of disney; day 20 — an underrated movie: the rescuers down under

this movie is CRIMINALLY overlooked. it’s AMAZING. it came out right between the little mermaid and beauty and the beast, so right at the beginning of the disney renaissance, and it shows. the animation is glorious (glen keane in one of his oft-forgotten roles as head animator for marahute), the story is gripping and exciting, the characters are wonderful and the music is absolutely breathtaking. if you haven’t seen it in a while, you MUST. it’s one of my top favorite animated movies of all time. 


go and watch this movie now!


Rosaline Jareau fc options:

  • Elizabeth Banks
  • Stephanie Leigh Schlund  
  • Kirsten Dunst
  • Jennifer Morrison
  • Kelli Giddish
  • Rose Mciver

Teen fc options: 

  •  Megan Park
  • Meghan Martin
  • Ayla Kell
  • Claire Holt

I’m also considering “secondary” fcs so if you like more than one tell me!

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Um Do you tvd? I have a Damon He’s kind of like a serial killer Well He is He is a serial killer

Sorry I don’t have a tvd verse nor have I watched the show since my freshman year of high school