I’m just so happy today that I don’t know what to do with myself. I want to rp and dance and sing and it’s glorious. 

Unfortunately, I really need to do hw and while I fear that it will bring my mood down it must be done. 

The Behavioral Analysis Unit


The Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) is a department of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC) that uses behavioral sciences to assist in criminal investigations. 

The mission of the NCAVC and the BAUs is to provide behavioral based investigative and/or operational support by applying case experience, research, and training to complex and time-sensitive crimes, typically involving acts or threats of violence.

The BAU consists of five units:

  • Behavioral Analysis Unit 1 (counterterrorism, arson and bombing matters);
  • Behavioral Analysis Unit 2 (threats, cyber, white collar crime, and public corruption);
  • Behavioral Analysis Unit 3 (crimes against children);
  • Behavioral Analysis Unit 4 (crimes against adults);
  • Behavioral Research and Instruction Unit.

The Operations Support Branch (OSB) contains three main units:

  • Crisis Management Unit
  • Special Events Management Unit
  • Rapid Deployment & Technology Unit
"i will always have nightmares of that day.
no matter how much time has passed, i will always remember.
the nightmares will never allow me to forget.
i will never allow myself to forget."
—(via nixreginam)

hurts| starters

"Never give up, it's such a wonderful life."
"Some things are best left unspoken."
"Do you know how it feels to let you go?"
"I feel so lost."
"Talk to me. Tell me your lies."
"Just take my hands. I'll make it all better."
"I don't feel safe."
"All my life I've felt this way, but I could never find the words to say."
"Since the day I left I see your face in every crowd."
"I feel lust like a sick disease."
"I know you need me too."
"I'm going home."
"Remember when it was just you and me?"
"Don't bring me back to life."
"Such a beautiful lie."
"I need somebody to die for."
"Love is not that easy!"
"Someday when you wake up happy you'll thank the Lord that I'm gone."
"It's a long way down when you're alone."
"I'll forget about you."
"Don't cry, please don't cry."
"I came so close to giving up."
"When I go, you will be someone new."
"There is no turning back."
"I've got nothing left to live for, but no reason yet to die."
"I see you when I close my eyes."
"Can you hear me?"
"I'm tired of being afraid."
"You'll be better off on your own."
"All I want for Christmas is New Year's Day."
"Home is where the heart is."
"You know I love you."
"We all get hurt by love."
"I can't sleep."
"I will give you my devotion until the end of time."
"I have no reason to forgive you."
"I'm afraid of myself."
"Nothing that I do will ever be enough for you."
"I wish that I was stronger."
"I could never live without you."
"Can you keep a secret?"
"Why are you out by yourself so late?"
"I'll never leave you again."
"My heart is empty."
"There's nothing left to lose."
"I'd rather be lonely than by your side."
"Look at what you've done!"
"Don't leave tonight."
"I can't hold my head up high with the weight of the world on my shoulders."
"You will never be forgotten with me by your side."
"Carry me away from the pain."
"Is this the end of the love that had just begun?"
"Things we never say are often best left alone."
"I can't cry any more tears."
"I wish I could stay with you tonight."
"Things are going to get better."
"Things aren't going to get better."
"Time waits for no one, so do you want to waste some time tonight?"
"I've been waiting my whole life to tell you how I feel."
"There is no light inside of a broken heart."
"No matter where they take me, death I will survive."
"Don't let go."
"I need you."
"I don't need this life."
"Stay with me. Please."

"He’s right, I shouldn’t have let myself get into that situation. I shouldn’t have antagonized the unsub or encouraged him or given him any reason to think it was okay or that I wanted it. It’s my fault."

The blonde sits with her leg propped up in the empty bullpen, bruises still covering her body. Technically she’s talking to herself but technically she’s not. She only thinks she is, that she’s alone, but someone’s there to hear the words. To hear her blaming herself for the unsub visciously attacking her, nearly raping her. Someone’s there to listen as she lets herself believe what Matt’s told her—it was her fault. 


JJ trudged through the door bloody and exhausted but alive. Tired eyes blinked rapidly as she limped her way to the living room. “Matt,” she calls weakly, leaning all of her weight against the frame. “There was an altercation with an unsub,” she mumbles an explanation as she hobbles over to him. She hugs him tightly, resting as much of her weight as she can on him. “We somehow got left alone together and he…he touch-” JJ quickly thought better of her statement and amended it, “he attacked me.” That much was obvious. He touched her inappropriately as well but there was no penetration and therefore JJ really didn’t want to mention it.

"I’m sorry," she snuggled closer to him. She couldn’t tell what she was apologizing for; the fact she got attacked or the "fact" she "let" it happen. Suddenly the blonde tensed against him, anticipating him striking her for encouraging the unsub’s actions or some other misconstrued thought. 


A frappuccunio at almost 12:30 is not the best idea but oh well

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Criminal Minds S10.E2 Burn Promo

"Torture, last year. Good times…"
—JJ (via addicted-to-gubler)



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Jennifer Love Hewitt on The Talk (October 1st, 2014)

(slight spoilers for those who haven’t watched any of the sneak peek clips)

Kirsten Vangsness on The Marilyn Denis Show (October 1st, 2014)

CM RPers should really employ that thing the TWD fandom does. Create a chatroom for episode spazzing so the dash is a safe place for the people not in EST who see the episode first and make it hard for people 3 hours behind

I volunteer to make a chatzy

Can J.J. Jareau survive another season? Criminal Minds' A.J. Cook reveals her fate


"J.J. is a typical woman," Cook said. "We’re so good at internalizing everything and pushing it down and pushing it down and pushing it down. But the hard thing about that is we can only do it for so long. So, yeah, I think we’re going to maybe see her have to come to terms with everything eventually."