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AJ Cook ► Bikinis/Beaches


5 hot Canadians AJ’S 36th Birthday 

JJ + Summer colours requested by 


AJ’s 36th Birthday 

cassielamontagne: "Happy Birthday, you weirdo! Kidding! Kind of. Love you, Mom!" ( and cassie! ) 

Gee, Thanks,” JJ laughs. “But thank you my little dork.” 

laneyjarexu: "Happy Birthday, Mama! I love you more than Twix bars! And you know those are my favorite!" ( oh hey look it's laney! ) 

"Thank you, sweetheart. I love you and speaking of Twix bars, do you want to share these with me?" ( She takes out two candy bars from her purse ) “They were a present from work.” 


ellegrenaway requested Criminal Minds + Hair Porn.


JJ and Reid


CM Meme: Six Brotps [1/6]
Reid and JJ



❝ Just because it’s important
    to me doesn’t mean you’ll find
    it interesting. Aunt JJ —— come
    on, let’s go. I’m freezing. ❞

❝ If it really were important to you,
I doubt you’d describe it as ‘dumb’
and ‘stupid.’ —-Fine, get in the car
but we’re not done discussing this. 


Anonymous: A small bark echoed in the bullpen, and a rather large, mangy looking dog trotted closer to JJ. He looked awfully familiar... but instead of attacking her as he'd done before, he simply snuffled at her leg and barked again, sitting. He wanted to be pet. -- miscrxant 



The second she heard the bark, the all too familiar bark, JJ found herself back in that barn shed. Trapped, screaming, and shooting. Instinctively, she reached for the gun. Though she retrained herself from pulling it, she still jumped as the dog approached her. “Shoo! Go away!” She waved her hand at it, still obviously very distrustful. 

| † || † || † |

|| Human still scared.  But not get boom stick! ||

Gideon stayed exactly where he was, sitting still as a floorboard.

A few seconds after JJ called for help, Tobias walked into the bullpen.  ”Oh, shit!  JJ, I’m so sorry!” he rushed in and gently grabbed Gideon’s collar.  ”He got away from me… didn’t make a mess, did he?  You better not have!” he gave the dog a mild scolding.

| † || † || † |

"It’s-it’s okay," she stammered. "No, he was fine. I don’t think he meant any harm I…I…I just," she gave a little shake of her head trying to explain it. "I freaked out when I saw him," she admitted. "He didn’t do anything wrong,” she was quick to add, “I just couldn’t help being afraid.” 



❝ Fine. I was just looking for
    some dumb old book. Can
    we go now? —— My lip
    hurts. That branch got me
    pretty damn good. ❞

"A dumb old book" this late
at night? Must’ve been pretty
important or else you’re lying.
Try again.



( she pouts, but doesn’t deny
the accusation completely. ) 

❝ I’m an angel a decent
   percent of the time!
   And I made you something
   that I think you’re  r e a l l y 
   going to like! ❞

Oh c’mon, I was t e a s i n g! And no, 
I’m not just saying that to get my present.
But speaking of that, can I see?