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I like how Rossi goes from ‘what the hell are you doing here i’m off lone wolfing my past case back story what is a team??’ to breaking into Reid’s hotel room with Morgan and watching The Young and the Restless to back him up in less than a season

Survey #121 : Short

What is your middle name? 
It begins with a “C” and I say it’s an old lady name. That’s all you’re getting. 

What time is it? 
3:22 AM

Do you like coffee? 
More so “foo-foo” coffee as my friends and cousins call it but yes. But I can also do “plain” coffee with some vanilla cream flavoring. Yumm.

What would your name be if you had your grandmother/grandfather’s name? 
Marcella “Marcie” “Ella” or Anita “Anne.” 
The quotes would be my nicknames. 
However there is a name tradition in my mom’s family and having “Rose” somewhere in the eldest daughter’s name. 

Is it raining? 
I don’t believe so but it wanted to earlier.  

What was the last thing you had to eat? 
Ribs, fries, and baked potato soup. 

What color is the front door of your house? 
There’s the white, glass, screen door and then the dark wood door. 

Can you whistle? 
Yes but not a tune or anything. Just basic whistling. 

What was the last game you played? 
I can’t ever remember. Probably Halo or Just Dance. 

What were you doing at 9am yesterday morning? 
I think I was sleeping. Possibly eating breakfast. 

Are you closer in age to a 10 year old or a 30 year old? 
10 year old. 

How do you feel about thunderstorms? 
I love ‘em. I enjoy watching them happen. The clouds can look pretty cool and I find the rain calming (when it’s not battering my AC late at night when I’m trying to sleep. Oh and when the thunder doesn’t scare me from being so loud.) The lightening is also fun and pretty to watch. 

Have you ever been pulled over by the cops? Not me personally but I’ve been in the car when someone (my aunt) was. 

How many times have you donated blood? 
Never, I’m afraid of needles and pass out when I have to get a little bit of mine drawn. 

How many times have you had surgery? 
None unless you count wisdom teeth. 

Do you currently have any tattoos? 

Will this change in the next 5 years? 
Probably not.

Do you currently have any piercings? 

Will this change in the next 5 years? 
Probably not. 

Do you/have you ever had a pet bird? 
Yep, two. Beauty & Buddy.  



     Anything I can help with?
         — and cold showers. Rightfully
         so… those things are super bad
         for you.“

"No, no. I might just have to get sleeping pills or something.
I know they are but they’ve worked before. When Will was out
of town and I had double-duty with work and Henry…but now
they’re not working.” 

mattbaleman: Matt opened the bedroom door with one hand, the other balancing a tray full of pancakes. He stepped into the room, taking in JJ's sleeping form and the bruises from the previous night that he could see along both of her arms. Though they were covered, he knew (since he had inflicted them) there were other injuries across the rest of her body. After a moment, he moved into the room and took a seat next to her on the bed. Reaching out, he gently shook her awake. "Happy Birthday JJ." He whispered. 



JJ laid sprawled out on the bed, arms extended above her head almost protectively. For now they were covered in red and purple-ish marks; bruises in the making. Her legs, which were tucked closer to her, were also covered in blue and yellow bruises. Other wounds decorated her body but weren’t visible due to being covered by clothing.

She was in a fairly deep sleep until she could smell the food. As it grew stronger, she began to wake up until he finally shook her awake. She blinked a few times letting her vision clear, smiling once she saw him sitting in front of her. “Thank you,” she smiled, voice still groggy from sleep. “Is that for me?” She asked eyeing the pancakes as she sat up. 

"You’re no fun, goody-two-shoes." Matt teased, nudging her playfully back. "Don’t you ever want to break the rules - do something incredibly rebellious like have ‘dessert’ before dinner for once?” After leaning in towards her kiss, he allowed his fingers to begin stroking small circles across the skin under her top. Leaning back in again after a moment, he stole the bite of pancake from her fork. “Mmm, thanks.” He hummed as he swallowed the mouthful. “You know, that’s not bad, even if I do say so myself.” He chuckled, pleased with himself.

"A picnic on the beach sounds perfect." Settling himself back, Matt’s fingers continued their teasing movements against JJ’s waist as he turned his attention back to the tray on her lap. He motioned to the still unopened present with his other hand. "Aren’t you going to open your present?"

"What’d you except, dating a federal agent?" JJ laughed, nearly choking on her pancakes. "Mmm," she tilted her head as if thinking about it, "Nope! But there are such things as appetizers," she smirked. Maybe he was beginning to taint her after all. "I’ve had better," she teased, laughing at his expression. "I’m kidding, I’m kidding!" She continued laughing.

"I don’t suppose I can get you to help pack said picnic, could I?" She raised an eyebrow at him. She didn’t mind packing it but it was her birthday. JJ glanced at the untouched box. Curiosity was starting to get the best of her. “I thought I’d finish my breakfast first,” she shrugged acting as if that had all of her attention for the moment. “But if you insist,” she smiled, reaching forward to grab the gift. Just like a child, she eagerly opened the present, beaming when she saw the necklace inside. “Oh Matt,” she gasped, cradling the jewelry in her hands and examining it, “it’s absolutely beautiful. Thank you,” she turned and gave him a hug before pulling back and kissing him. 


001. what they smell like: Honey and vanilla. Occasionally she’ll smell like “sunshine,” oranges or some flower because of her perfume. 
002. how they sleep: When she’s exhausted, any place she can get to do will suffice and whatever position she’s in will have to do. Before she got attacked, she normally slept on her stomach. While pregnant she was forced to sleep on her back which as a hassle. After being attacked, she tends to curl around herself protectively; later she sometimes spreads out. Being a mom and getting calls late at night at work she’s a fairly light sleeper unless she’s exhausted. 
003. what music they enjoy: Rock, which is to some people’s surprise. She listens to other genres but rock is her go to. 
004. how much time they spend getting ready every morning: Do texts count? JJ normally doesn’t have time to do any leisure reading in the morning. 
005. their favorite thing to collect: Butterflies. 
006. left or right-handed: Right handed
007. favourite sport: To play; soccer. To watch; football. 
008. favourite touristy thing to do when traveling: Take pictures and maybe purchase a post card. 
009. favourite kind of weather: Sunshine and 70 degrees. Those cool days that gives everyone spring/outdoor fever. 
010. a weird/obscure fear they have: The woods.



Send a ❦ for your character to meet my character’s parents!

To say JJ was nervous about Matt and her parents meeting would be a severe understatement. While her parents were pretty easy, simple people they were like any other parents; protective. Jennifer didn’t know how they’d react to Matt. Nor did she know how he’d be behaving when they met. But she couldn’t put the meeting off any longer. Matt and her were getting serious, despite having issues in their relationship.

As soon as they arrived, the door to the house flung open to reveal a smiling Sandy and Matt Jareau. Climbing out of the car, she whispered a “be polite,” to Matt. Sandy quickly enveloped her daughter in a hug that lasted several minutes, the entire saying how much she missed Jennifer. When she finally let go of her daughter, she turned to face Matt. “And this must be the young man you were telling us about. Such a pleasure to meet you, Matt,” Sandy beamed and offered her hand to him. “We’ve heard such great things about you.” As she spoke the words, JJ turned to smile affectionately at him. 

Matt was not looking forward to meeting the Jareaus, at all. It wasn’t that he was nervous or concerned about getting them to like him (he knew how to be charming when he wanted to be), he just really couldn’t be bothered to be spending the whole trip sucking up to JJ’s family. Despite this, he knew that he’d be better off in the long-run if he did. Making a good impression with her parents could mean having them more on his side the next time him and JJ had a dispute.

He’d spent the entire drive reminding himself of this fact - willing himself not to loose his temper or appear as anything other than the perfect gentleman in front of them. His resolve nearly broke before he’d even left the car as he heard JJ’s whispered warning. Closing his eyes, he clenched his jaw and took a deep breath - he’d deal with her later. Rearranging his features into an expression more fitting for the event, he followed JJ towards the door, standing behind her slightly awkwardly as she hugged her mother.

Matt returned her handshake enthusiastically and with a smile on his face. “The pleasure is all mine, Mrs. Jareau.” He wrapped his left arm around JJ’s waist as he turned towards her father. “Mr. Jareau.” He greeted the man as he stuck his hand back out.

She knew she’d pay for that comment later but she couldn’t help it—she was just so nervous. All her worries faded away as soon as her mom hugged her. They practically vanished as Matt turned his charm on. Of course he would, how silly of her to think he’d do otherwise.

Sandy shot an approving glance towards Matt, her husband, as Matthew shook her hand. She hoped he wasn’t expecting her to say the cliche, "Oh call me Sandy," because she wasn’t going to. At least, not yet. Not until he earned that privilege.

"Mr. Baleman," Matt Jareau nodded and shook Matthew’s hand. "So glad you could come to visit us. We’ve been eager to finally meet you. I hope you like corn. This one here," he pointed at his daughter, "Was corn fed almost her entire life."

"Daad!" JJ laughed, blushing and ducking her head into Matthew’s shoulder. "What he’s really trying to say is despite being corn fed I was always tiny," she explained to Matthew. 

"Size zero to be exact," Sandy chimed in, gently cupping underneath JJ’s chin.  

"Thanks, mom," JJ gave a tight smile. "Are the twins home too?"

"Are you kidding? As soon as we found out you had time off and were coming to visit we told them and they made sure they were free to come. We’ve really missed you." Her mother’s eyes also shown with obvious worry. 

jenniferjareaufbi: "How long will you keep me here?" 



Angsty sentences

Matt stepped over to JJ and crouched down beside her head, pleased with how defenceless she was to him. “Well that depends,” he reached out and grabbed her face, forcing her to look at him, “how long would you like to stay for?”

Though his eyes were half shut, he still caught sight of the movement of her hand in his peripheral vision. If he was pleased with himself before, he was positively smug now. She’d had a chance to do something - hit him, push him away, anything - and she’d nearly taken it but had stopped herself. She was learning who was in charge here. Since she was putting up no resistance, he decided to test her limits… see how far he could push her before she couldn’t hold back anymore. Moving away from her mouth, he began placing open-mouthed, wet kisses down her throat, reaching the base of her neck and biting down roughly.

Deep breath in, deep breath out. She silently chants to herself, forcing herself to focus on her breathing and not his actions or give into the urge to throw him off. She cringes when instead of relenting, he continues with his actions. Her hand raises again, angry that he has’t stop, hasn’t kept his word, even though she’s done her ‘part.’ Forcing a breath out, she lowers her hand into a semi-relaxed position. It doesn’t last long for moments later both her hands are balled into white-knuckled fists as he kisses his way down her neck. The entire time she’s managed restraint. She hasn’t lifted a hand to him nor has she let any of the building whimpers escape. But when he bites her , she can’t help but gasp out loudly, in pain. “Stop,” she says forcefully, barely managing to stop herself from hitting him. Her voice gives no indication of fear. It’s firm, full of hatred, and authoritative as if she were the one in control. She locks eyes with him, her eyes burning with pure hatred. 

mattbaleman: "Want to hear a secret?" 



Place One in My Inbox: Questions Edition.

"Depends on what that secret pertains to." 


Once he’d recovered from the shock of the fall, Matt smirked up at her. “I didn’t realize you preferred to be on top, Jennifer.” He chuckled at JJ as her body weight landed on top of him. As her hands moved up to scratch at his, her nails tore at the already sore skin from where she’d scratched him earlier so it was almost a relief when she let go.

His relief only lasted a few seconds though as since she was above him, when her hands moved to his throat, she was able to use her body-weight to put on extra pressure. She was cutting off his breathing and it didn’t take him long to realize that he couldn’t pry her hands off of him. Instead, he moved his hands up (one at a time so that at no point had he let go of her completely) from her shirt, to wrap around the backs of her shoulders.

After attempting to take in as big a breath as possible, he used all of his strength to throw his body sideways, as hard as he could. Both of them rolled over together, so that he was back on top again. At least now she couldn’t use her weight to add more pressure but she could still squeeze tightly around his throat. He needed to get her to stop.


For the first time, he understood why so many of the women that he’d brought here would waste their precious last few breaths trying to talk to him; they were trying to distract him. Taking a lesson from his victims, he tried to think of something that he could say or do to throw her off, enough to release his throat.

"You know," He huffed out, in between labored breaths, "if you fancied a quick roll in the hay, all you had to do was ask." As he spoke, he ground his hips down into hers.

She did her best to ignore his comment. Which wasn’t hard to do considering she was letting her body do what it needed to protect herself. She didn’t have time to fully process what he had said to her. Part of her must’ve understood what he said though considering that afterwards she leaned forward and applied more pressure to his airway.

Her grip loosened, momentarily, as he tipped their balance and flipped them over. As soon as her back hit the floor, she resumed her hold on his throat. If she had bigger hands, or were a guy, it wouldn’t be nearly as difficult for her to strangle him. Or to get him to pass out. Though her defense was effective she definitely noticed her strength decreased somewhat now that she didn’t have her body weight supporting her.

"Shut up!" She growled between gritted teeth. Her knee jerked up in response to his hips pressing down on hers. She needed him off of her; he wasn’t going to "win" that easily. With her teeth still clenched, she tightened her grip on him once more. If he couldn’t talk he couldn’t distract or rattle her anymore. 



Send me ‘woof’ for my muses reaction to yours bringing home a puppy.

Matt heard the little yapping noise before he’d even realized that JJ had come home. Getting up to investigate the sound, he rounded the corner to find her stepping inside with a small ball of fur wrapped up in her arms. “Well, who’s this little guy?” He asked as he stepped over to investigate. “JJ, I thought you didn’t like dogs?”

Matt was about to berate her for assuming that he’d be okay with it but was distracted as the puppy decided to leap onto one of his feet, gnawing at his shoelaces. He shook his foot around to dislodge his attacker but it proved useless as his other foot became the new target instead.

“Those’re good names.” He agreed, squatting down to get closer to the little puppy at his feet. “How does ‘Max’ sound, little guy?” As he spoke, the puppy suddenly appeared to loose interest in his shoes and turned away to investigate something new. “Maybe not… how about ‘Hunter’?” This time the puppy paused, turning back around to face Matt and tilting his head to one side. “‘Hunter’, huh?” An excited woof was the reply. “I think we have a winner.” Matt announced, looking up to JJ.

JJ bit her lip, anxiously waiting his response. Her gut told her it wasn’t about to be pleasant but she was still willing to take her chances. Relief filled her senses as the puppy came scampering back, providing a very cute, happy, and needed distraction. It also seemed to be what influenced Matt’s response.

JJ still said nothing even as he knelt by the dog. She didn’t want to jinx her luck. “I think we do,” she smiled fully when Matt turned to her. “I don’t think it’ll take long for him to learn his name either,” she said squatting next to Matt. “Hunter, come here Hunter,” she cooed, slapping her thighs. Yipping happily, the puppy came scampering to her, practically crashing into her legs. “Good boy, good Hunter,” she praised as she scratched his belly. 

"No one wants someone else to make the same mistake as them so they warn others and give them their advice. The problem is, we learn from our mistakes and no one wants to be "told" what to do."


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Event 15 - New Trailer (VOSTFR)


Criminal Minds AU: Derek Morgan and Emily Prentiss are a pair of assassins who turn against their organization and begin taking out their old bosses, starting with Aaron Hotchner.